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What is NET.Fit?

We developed the NET.Fit project to respond to the market needs related to the installation of buried fibre optical cables with the "blown fibres" method for the creation of the FTTx (Fibre to the x) networks.

Tierre Group has evolved the NET.Fit program, for Microducts from 3mm to 25mm in diameter, with the aim of reducing and optimizing the installation times and ensuring maximum system reliability and durability over time.

Our NET.Fit, Evolution NET.Fit and Gas Block systems allow some significant savings in terms of costs and installation times, they also benefit from an immediate recognition of the passage of the optical fibre thanks to the body made of a transparent polymer and do not require special tools being connected and disconnected.

Particular attention was given to the analysis in order to meet the requirements of the sector regulations, developed in collaboration with the FTTH Council and concerning the performance and the duration characteristics of pipes and fittings. The salt spray test, carried out according to the EN 61300-2-24 specifications, showed that after 168 hours of simulation the fittings of the NET.Fit series still perform perfectly.

The expected useful life of the fitting therefore goes well beyond 20 years.

Tensile strength tests were also carried out according to the EN 61300-2-37 standard, which demonstrated the reliability of the pipe clamping system, capable of withstanding loads much greater than those required by the standard itself.

All the results of the tests carried out far exceeded the minimum requirements of EN 61300-2-24.

The impact and compression tests, carried out according to the specifications of the EN 61300-2-5 standard, gave remarkable results. The particular polymer used for the main body of the fittings resists to the impact tests admirably. The tested fittings were always found to be intact and working perfectly, and no cracks or scratches were detected even after repeated impacts. In addition, the cartridge system makes the fitting particularly robust even in the event of considerable external pressure.

The NET.Fit push-in fittings combine the simplicity of connection and disconnection, typical of fittings for pneumatic applications, with the high levels of resistance due to the construction materials.

The "direct buried" applications are subjected to external stresses due to the fact that the system is inserted into the ground and must be capable of withstanding external forces. The NET.Fit range of fittings and accessories has proven to be able to withstand external pressures and stresses that go far beyond what is required by the current regulations. In fact, even in the case of failure of the fitting structure, an event that occurred in the laboratory only after a pressure greater than 4000kg was applied, it was demonstrated that the system is able to retain the pipe in position and in any case guarantees a good seal against possible infiltration of water or debris.

Since the optical fibre networks are intended to be installed globally, the preliminary analysis of possible environmental and climatic scenarios and possible chemical contamination has allowed Tierre Group to select the most suitable construction materials.

Considering every possible application of use and installation of FTTx systems, Tierre Group thought of the fundamental importance to evaluate the resistance to the chemical agents that most frequently come into contact with the fittings.

As demonstrated by the chemical resistance tests, carried out according to the EN 61300-2-34 standard, and by thermal cycles carried out before all the impact and compression tests, the fittings of the NET.Fit range are not effected or altered in their performance, neither from environmental factors or from any chemical agents present in the ground.

In conclusion, the NET.Fit range, thanks to the wide choice of sizes available for Microducts from 3mm to 25mm, to the high mechanical resistance and durability, allows FTTx network installers to have the right solution for almost any type of application.