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The NET.Fit product was developed by Tierre Group’s understanding of the connector market and the special needs and requirements required, when installing optical fibre cable with the “blown fibre” method. FTTH systems have developed quickly and require specialist fittings to optimise the installation time.

Tierre Group developed the NET.Fit range to offer installers outstanding reliability and extended life expectancy.

Particular attention was given to the design and the required standards provided by the FTTH council, the NET.Fit range meets and exceeds all of the requirements.

Salt mist tests in accordance with EN 61300-2-37 were carried out, they demonstrated that after 168 hours of testing in these conditions, the NET.Fit fittings still performed perfectly. It was therefore estimated that the useful life of fitting will exceed 20 years.

In addition, tensile strength tests in accordance with EN 61300-2-37 were carried out, they demonstrated the exceptional reliability of the tube gripping system, which was able to withstand loads in excess of those provided for by the FTTH Council requirements.

All tests results far exceeded the minimum necessary requirements.

The impact and compression tests performed in accordance with EN 61300-2-5 specifications were carried out, these also demonstrated the exceptional results. The Polymer used for the fittings main body is particularly resistant to impact. The fittings showed no signs of cracking or scratching, even after repeated impacts, and the tested fittings proved to be fully intact and perfectly functioning. In addition, the cartridge system, made from a corrosion resistant metal is resistant to ageing and this design resists considerable external forces.

Net.Fit push-in fittings combine the ease of connection and dis-connection associated with conventional pneumatic fittings, with the additional resistance to external forces required by a fitting used in a “direct buried” application, that has to have the properties of “self-protection”.

The NET.Fit range of fittings and accessories proved to be able to resist external forces in excess of the required norms. Only in laboratory conditions, with an external force greater than 4,000 kg, did a structural failure occur, even then the fitting maintained the tube position and proved water and sediment resistant.

The benefits of the NET.Fit system offers considerable cost saving and reduced installation time, it allows for positive and immediate identification of the optical fibre passage, as the main body is made from transparent polymer. There is also no requirement for special tools for connecting and dis-connection, and the range is available in a wide range of tube sizes.

When considering the use and installation scenarios of FTTH systems, Tierre Group gave great importance to the resistance of chemical substances that would most commonly come in to contact with the fitting.

Since the optical fibre networks are intended to be installed at a global level, the preliminary analysis of the possible environmental and climatic scenarios and of the possible chemical contaminations enabled Tierre Group to choose the most suitable materials for the construction of the fitting.

As demonstrated by the chemical resistance tests carried out in according with EN 61300-2-34 and by the thermal cycles executed before all the impact and compression tests, NET.Fit fittings are not attacked or altered in their performances by the environmental factors or by the potential chemical agents present in the ground.

In conclusion, the NET.Fit range which is available in a wide range of sizes for Microducts from 4 mm to 20 mm, and due to the high mechanical resistance and to life expectancy, allows the installers of FTTH networks, throughout the world to have the correct solution for the most demanding installations.